DIY: Backyard Luau Bikini Treat Bags

Bikini Treat Bags!

These are super easy to make and also all of the stuff you can get at the dollar store from making the bags to stuffing them.

Step One:
Gather your supplies.
-Party bags
-Poster paper
-Ruler (I made one, I do not recommend this though)
-Two fabric grass skirts (optional)
-Glue stick

Step Two:
Measure and draw out your bikini top. It looks like a little hour glass. Make it as wide as your party bags. Cut out the first bikini top and use that as a tracer. It makes life sooooo much easier. Draw the rest of the tops and cut them out.

Step Three:
Cut the triangles out for the "strings" use the left over paper. Cut the large triangle in half.

Step Four:
Make the bikini back straps. Make them fit across the back of your bag and 1/2 inch thick.

Step Five:
If you want to do the grass skirts, measure them to the length of your bags. Cut and set aside.

Step Six:
Glue it together!

And you're done!

Stuffing Your Treat Bags:

When it came to stuffing the treat bags I bought stuff from Oriental Trading and the Dollar Tree. In these bags I put:
-Hibiscus themed fold out fans
-Margarita glass charm earrings
-Hawaiian scented lotion
-Hibiscus themed wrapped buttermints
-These super cute cookie bags with homemade sand dollar cookies and a chocolate seashell (made using melting chocolate and molds from Michael's Crafts)

-And a sparkly thank you note

DIY: Backyard Luau Good Eats

Sand Dollar Cookies

These cookies might be a bit of a challenge to make, but it's totally worth it. They aren't too sweet and are brushed with a bit of cinnamon for the perfect day at the beach look and feel. Five shaved almond pieces pressed into the top and boom, perfect Sand Dollar cookie. Get the recipe here.

Sea Shell Chocolates
Get this mold from Michael's. You can also get the melting chocolate from there too, but Walmart has it cheaper. I used the cream and white chocolate colors. If you want to make them look marble, here's an awesome tutorial as to how!

Flip Flop Cookies

You can use Milano cookies or Nutter Butters. Ice them on top with any colors or designs you like, then use icing or licorice for the straps. I put them on a tray of graham cracker crumbs to look like sand and bought a few miniatures from Michael's (like buckets and the sand castle.)

Boozy Pina Colada Cupcakes

These were super fun and easy to make. The cupcakes were white cake mix with Pina Colada margarita mix, pineapple slices, coconut extract, splash of pineapple juice from the can of pineapple chunks, and about 1/4 cup vodka. I had to add a bit of flour and baking powder to it because of all of the liquid, but they turned out nice.

The frosting is 2 sticks of butter, a bag (yes BAG) of powdered sugar,  1/2 cup vodka, coconut extract, Pina Colada margarita mix and some yellow food coloring.

Snacks and Icebox Cake

I put all of the snacks into buckets. The little buckets have candy in them "Life Savers" starring as LifeSavers and Peach Rings, "Pool Noodles" as Twizzlers, "Fish" as Swedish Fish. I used the shovels as serving spoons.

Icebox Cake, because of the graham cracker crumbs and vanilla pudding has the tones and feel of the beach. It's also a cool dessert which is nice on a hot day. It's a layer of graham crackers, layer of vanilla pudding, layer of graham crackers, layer of vanilla pudding, graham crackers crumbled on top. CHILL. Serve. 

DIY: Backyard Luau Favors

Step One:
Gather your supplies. (This can total vary depending on what you want to put in there and what your budget is like. These supplies in total would cost about $5 all together, but I bought a couple of things in bulk.)

-tiki hurricane cup
-mini lotion
-umbrella straw
-nail file
-lip balm
-lip gloss

Step Two:
Pack it in!