Bushing Belle: Groom's Guide to the Southern Gentleman

Here are some quick tips, tricks, traditions and more to get you cowboys to your casanova best for your big day.


Bowties have been a southern groom tradition for a long time, and quite frankly it will never go out of style. Southern weddings traditionally are more colorful and full of flare, so your bowtie choice can speak more to your personality. Be sure to coordinate your bowtie with your grooms party and perhaps the wedding's color scheme as well. 

The Something Tradition
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. This one isn't just for the ladies. Something old could be anything from a pair of cufflinks that have been passed down from generation to generation, or an incredibly dusty suit jacket you stumbled upon at the local Goodwill that just fits you perfectly. Something new is yes anything that you recently purchase for your big day, but it should still be able to tie in with the rest of your ensemble. Borrowed definitely should have some family or friend significance. Something blue may be a bit more difficult considering that it may contradict with your color scheme, but check out this article 6 Ways Grooms Can Add Something Blue for some tips!

Add some Flare

Colorful and flashy socks, bowties, ties, or kerchiefs are perfect ways to add subtle flare to any ensemble.

Khaki, light blue, pink, these are all shirt colors that offer a bit of pizzazz as opposed to the classic white undershirt. If you do go white, make sure it is a BRIGHT WHITE, or else the shirt may seem dingy in photos.

Shoes, keep it classy and comfortable but you can go with cowboy boots or tasseled loafers to add some style to your outfit.

Groom's Cake

The Groom's Cake is a southern tradition that has recently become quite popular for the modern wedding. A Groom's Cake is a cake baked (or commissioned/designed) by the bride for the groom based off of his interests, likes and hobbies.


If you can brand it, stitch on it, or write on it--monogram it. Monograms are an important tradition because it unifies the event as your own. Monogram your breast pocket kerchief, the back of your tie, even your socks! Make sure to sign your special day.




DIY: 52 Reasons I Love You Valentine


Step One:
Gather Materials-
-Full deck of cards
-Hot glue, glue stick, adhesive
-Hole punch
-Binder rings
-Marker (or printer)
-Paper (or printer)

Step Two:
Hole punch your cards. Make sure all of the cards line up!

Step Three:
Measure your cards in order to measure the "stickers" for your 52 reasons booklet. For example, if your cards have a small square on them, measure it (say maybe 3inx2in) and then sketch out rectangles on a piece of paper. You can also make them on your computer and print them out.


Print out one of these templates.

Step Four:
Write your 52 reasons in your squares (either right on the paper with a marker, or typed onto the template) Here are some suggestions-
52 Reasons Why I Love You
52 Reasons I Love NAME
Physical features: Your eyes, cute butt, etc.
The way you kiss me
Your song: "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "If My Heart Had Wings"
Location of your first date
An inside joke
Personality quirks: you like ketchup on your pancakes, your goofy laugh
Things you do together: Party Down South marathons, When we cook and don't burn the house down

Step Five:
Cut out your reasons and glue them onto your cards.

Step Six:
Put together your cards onto the rings.