Beauty Hacks!

1. Use white eye liner to make your eyes seem larger and more alert. Perfect for a photoshoot...or concealing your hangover.

2. Out of eyeliner? No biggie. Use a flat brush and mascara to do the trick.

3. A cosmetic sponge will make the perfect ombre nail. Simply apply the colors you want in lines across the sponge and dab.

4. Set lipstick with translucent powder.

5. Make your own "falsies" with baby powder. Dab a Qtip in some baby powder, and then run it over your lashes. Apply mascara and your lashes will be longer.

6. Placing a spoon against the corner of your eye will give you the perfect wing!

7. Wrap a rubber band around your nail to insure the perfect French manicure.

8. Elmer's Glue makes it easy to remove tough nail polish--such as glitter polish or stickers.

9. Flat iron your braids for the perfect hair crimp.

10. Kool-Aid can be used as a quick and easy lip stain.

11. Polish jewelry with Alka-Seltzer.

12. Use baby powder as dry shampoo. It gets out all of the grease and grime, as well as leaves your hair smelling lovely! If you're a brunette, add a bit of cocoa powder to the mix. Red head? Cinnamon.

13. To make your perfume last longer, apply Vaseline to your skin.

14. Baby oil makes for an excellent and effective makeup remover.

15. Make your hair seem thicker by applying a layer of eye shadow down your part.

16. Tee shirts make for a better hair drying method than towels. They're more absorbent.

17. Apply Vaseline around your nails before painting them. That way, any excess polish can be wiped off with ease.

18. Use a flat iron to iron shirt collars.

19. Shaving cream removes makeup stains from clothes in a flash.

20. White wine removes red wine. You're welcome.

21. To prop up your ponytail, insert two bobby pins vertically into the hair band.

22. Soak your nails in ice water to make them dry faster.

23. Use cold green tea bags to decrease eye puffiness.

24. A dab of Visine will decrease the redness of any pimple.

25. Smile more :D

DIY No Sew Cardigan From a Shrunken Sweater!

Have you ever shrunk your sweater in the dryer or perhaps it's just from a long time ago but you don't wanna toss it? Well, you don't have to!

This is a super fun, fast and simple DIY project to keep that sweater in your wardrobe.

What you'll need:



Hem tape


Hot glue

A piece of cardboard or something to put in the cardigan to prevent the hot glue from burning the material


Step One:

Get your sweater. Lay it out on a flat surface.


Step Two:

Find the middle of your sweater. You can use a ruler or piece of string to be precise! With your scissors, cut down the center. Plug your hot glue gun in so it warms up.


Step Three:

Fold the jagged edges in. Use the hem tape to keep them down. This way your cardigan has smooth flaps.


Step Four:

Get your buttons ready. Place the cardboard under your flap so that your hot glue doesn't get on the inside of your cardigan. Now, place your buttons on your cardigan. Use a marker of some sort to make sure that you get them where you want them. You don't even have to use many, it's all about personal preference. Hot glue the buttons to the cardigan. 


Lots of Buttons or one button!

You're done!


Try on your cardigan over your Redneck Couture, snap a pic and tag us! You can be featured on our social media.