DIY: Vintage Tea Cup Candle

Vintage Tea Cup Candle

Step One:
Gather your materials
-Vintage tea cups with saucers (you can get these anywhere from Etsy to Goodwill to your Grandma's attic)
-Candle wicks (waxed)
-Wooden skewers (8, to hold the wicks in place)
-Heat proof bowl
-Cup with spout (to pour wax)
-500g soy wax
-2g wax dye
-Fragrance oil

Step Two:
"Before getting on with the process make sure you have set up the containers with wicks etc. I first tried to keep the wicks in place with a clothes peg balanced on the rim, but when i poured in the wax, with the slightest movement they changed position. So I placed two skewers on either side of the wick to keep it in place (as in picture)."
Step Three:
"Once the mis en place is intact, heat enough water in a saucepan to come about half way up and bring to a simmer."
Step Four:
"Place the wax in the heat proof bowl (cut them up into smaller pieces if they are in a block, to allow easy and even melting) along with the wax dye and let it slowly melt. 
Use a long wooden skewer to stir in between if needed."
Step Five:
"Once the wax has completely melted, take it off bain marie and keep aside to cool a bit. 
Pour in the fragrance oil at this point, stir with the skewer and slowly pour into the cups till about 3/4th full. If the wicks have moved a bit, don't worry, just readjust. The wax is not going to set immediately. Also, rinse out your utensils quickly."
Step Six:
"Don't move the candles until its completely set. If there is a bit of sinking in the centre, just warm some more wax and fill it up."

DIY: Thanksgiving Leftovers Bag

Thanksgiving Leftovers Bag

If you click on the link above you can print out all of these adorable Thanksgiving Leftovers labels. They even explain to you how to make your own bags using material purchased from Garnish. However, you can make these bags yourself right at home using items you can pick up at Walmart or Dollar Tree!

Step One:
Gather materials
-Large paper take out bags
-Take out containers or toss away tupperware

Step Two:
Brainstorm a theme. Select fonts. Print things out. Figure out how much you need and what you like.

Step Three:
Make your containers!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

DIY: Reversible Fall to Winter Decoration

Reversible Fall to Winter Blocks

Step One:
Gather your materials
-Blocks of wood cut from a 2x4
   2 7in blocks
   2 6in blocks
   2 5in blocks
-1 7in 2x3 block of wood 
-Wood stain (optional)
-Modge Podge
-Paint (you will then need brushes and stencils)
-Wrapping Paper/Decorative Paper
-Cut out words or letters

Step Two:
Make sure your blocks are sanded, and if you wish to stain them, stain them.

Step Three:
Design your blocks! Come up with your word or phrase to match the blocks.
Give Thanks/Jingle Bells
Thank You/Santa's Cookies
Hello Autumn/Hello Winter
Family Time/Santa's Helper
You can also do shorter words and phrases and incorporate images onto your blocks.

Step Three:
Organize them and switch them over!


DIY: Candy Corn Wine Bottles


These fun candy corn bottles are beautiful and easy to make! Check out ashbeedesign's tutorial to create these awesome centerpieces! 

DIY: Tin Can Lanterns


Check out this fun tutorial from JollyMom to create these fun crafts for the spooky holiday!

DIY: Spooky Jar

Step One:
Gather your materials-
-Mason jar
-Dark twine
-Glow in the dark bugs
-Sparkly spider webs
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun

Step Two:
Place the spider stickers on the jar. Stuff the jar of the twine. Hot glue gun the insects on the outside of the jar. 

Step Four:
Set it up somewhere to scare!

DIY: Mason Jar Monster

Step One:
Gather your materials-
-Mason jar
-Green paint
-Black paint
-White paint
-Red paint
-Glitter glue

Step Two:
Paint your jar spooky green.

Step Three:
Give him a face!

Step Four:
Write some spooky words on him in the glitter glue.

DIY: Monogram Letter

This was a clearance bin craft! I found both of these fun letters at the clearance bin at Michael's. I thought I could transform them into something fun!

Step One:
Gather materials-
-Letters (you can get these in wood, felt, cloth, burlap, etc.)
-Glitter glue

Step Two:
Display and enjoy!

Make sure to decorate these letters to reflect your personality or the personality of the person you're making it for!

October 02, 2015 by Lexx Fusco

DIY: Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Molds

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-Pumpkin Spice melts
-Vanilla melts
-Cupcake mold
-Squeeze bottles
-Candy (I chose candy corn and pumpkins)

Step Two:
Melt the chips and then put the chips into the squeeze bottles.

Step Three:
Pour the pumpkin spice flavor into the BOTTOM cupcake mold, then the orange into the top mold.

Step Four:
Place the tray into the freezer and let them set.

Step Five:
Time to fill them with candy!

Serve at a party, keep it as a fun treat or even as decor! 

DIY: Happy Hay Mason Jar SCENTer Piece

It's cute, it's simple, it's cheap to make and it's smells so good!

Step One:
Gather your supplies.
-Mason jar
-Twine or hay
-Other "fall" themed objects (I got some pumpkins and leaves)
-Scented oil (found it at Walmart with the candles, this is sugar scented)
-Tea light candle (I got pumpkin pie scented)
-Shot glass or small candle holder
-Burlap ribbon
-Stickers for decoration

Step Two:
Fill that jar! Stuff the jar almost full of hay or twine. Get a butter knife or perhaps a long spoon to help really pack it in.

Step Three:
Splash on the scented oil. Pop the top of the oil and pour it into the jar of hay or twine. The twine will soak up the oil and allow it to emanate.

Step Four:
Top it off with the glass with the candle!

Step Five:
Decorate the outside with stickers and burlap. I spelled out AUTUMN in some fun glitter letters.