DIY: Candy Corn Wine Bottles


These fun candy corn bottles are beautiful and easy to make! Check out ashbeedesign's tutorial to create these awesome centerpieces! 

Snack Like a Southerner: Hot Spiced Cider



quarts apple cider 
1/2 cup molasses 
lemon slices, cut in half 
12 whole cloves 
(2-inch) cinnamon sticks 
1/4 cup lemon juice 
Garnishes: cinnamon sticks,lemon wedges, whole cloves
"Bring cider and next 4 ingredients to a boil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally; reduce heat, and simmer 15 minutes.

Remove cinnamon sticks and cloves with a slotted spoon; stir in lemon juice. Garnish, if desired."

DIY: Tin Can Lanterns


Check out this fun tutorial from JollyMom to create these fun crafts for the spooky holiday!

Snack Like a Southerner: Pumpkin Cheese Display



(10-oz.) blocks extra-sharp white Cheddar cheese, shredded
8-oz.) package cream cheese, softened 
(4-oz.) goat cheese logs, softened 
1/2 teaspoon pepper 
Braided pretzel, muscadine vine and leaf 
Crackers and assorted vegetables
"1. Stir together first 4 ingredients. Shape mixture into a ball to resemble a pumpkin. Smooth pumpkin's entire surface with metal spatula or table knife. Make vertical grooves in ball, if desired, using fingertips. Press pretzel into top of cheese ball to resemble a pumpkin stem; place muscadine vine and leaf beside pretzel. Serve with crackers and assorted vegetables.

*Extra-sharp Cheddar cheese may be substituted.

Note: We tested with Cracker Barrel Extra-Sharp Cheddar Cheese. To make ahead, wrap cheese ball in plastic wrap, without stem, vine, or leaf, and store in refrigerator up to two days. Attach stem, vine, and leaf before serving."

DIY: Spooky Jar

Step One:
Gather your materials-
-Mason jar
-Dark twine
-Glow in the dark bugs
-Sparkly spider webs
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun

Step Two:
Place the spider stickers on the jar. Stuff the jar of the twine. Hot glue gun the insects on the outside of the jar. 

Step Four:
Set it up somewhere to scare!

Snack Like a Southerner: Trash Mix



(16-ounce) package candy corn 
(15-ounce) package pretzel nibblers 
(12-ounce) package caramel popcorn and peanuts 
(15-ounce) package banana chips 
(15-ounce) package candy-coated chocolate pieces 
(15-ounce) package dried mango 
(15-ounce) package dried pineapple 
(10-ounce) package toffee pretzels 
(6-ounce) package sweetened dried cranberries 
(6-ounce) package worm-shaped chewy candy
"Stir together all ingredients. Store in an airtight container.

NOTE: For testing purposes only, we used pretzel Nuggets, Crunch 'n Munch, M&M's, and Craisins."

DIY: Mason Jar Monster

Step One:
Gather your materials-
-Mason jar
-Green paint
-Black paint
-White paint
-Red paint
-Glitter glue

Step Two:
Paint your jar spooky green.

Step Three:
Give him a face!

Step Four:
Write some spooky words on him in the glitter glue.

Snack Like a Southerner: Brew Ha-Ha Punch



2 cups sugar 
quarts water $
(13-ounce) envelopes lime drink mix 
(46-ounce) can pineapple juice 
quart ginger ale
"Stir together sugar and 2 quarts water until sugar is dissolved. Stir in remaining ingredients. Chill.

Note: For a scary presentation, place punch bowl into a larger bowl, and add dry ice to larger bowl."

DIY: Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Molds

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-Pumpkin Spice melts
-Vanilla melts
-Cupcake mold
-Squeeze bottles
-Candy (I chose candy corn and pumpkins)

Step Two:
Melt the chips and then put the chips into the squeeze bottles.

Step Three:
Pour the pumpkin spice flavor into the BOTTOM cupcake mold, then the orange into the top mold.

Step Four:
Place the tray into the freezer and let them set.

Step Five:
Time to fill them with candy!

Serve at a party, keep it as a fun treat or even as decor!