DIY Fabric Insert: Pants

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-old pair of pants
-fabric (I used a $3.00 scarf from Target)
-iron on hem tape or web

Step Two:
Cut your pants and scarf.

Step Three:
Insert your snippets under the pants. Iron on with the hem tape/web.


DiY Bleach Graphic Tee

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-old tshirt
-Clorox Bleach Pen ($3 at Target)
-cardboard square

Step Two:
Put cardboard insert in shirt.

Step Three:
Write or draw your design. Let sit for about ten or fifteen minutes. (this may change depending on what color shirt you have. Shorter time for darker clothing)

Step Four:
Wash the bleach off. Toss the shirt in the dryer or hang it over the shower.


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DIY Fabric Insert: Shirt

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-old shirt
-fabric of your choice (instead of buying fabric, I used a pair of new boxers that came in a pack that my boyfriend didn't like!)
-iron on hem tape or web

Step Two:
Draw on your shape. Cut it out.

Step Three:
Insert your fabric. Cut along the edges on the inside. Use your hem tape or web to attach the fabric to the inside of the shirt.



DIY: Paint Your Own Saddle Shoes

OP: Dream a Little Bigger


Look how cute these shoes are! Well, yes, they are cute but maybe not $75.00 cute...

Make your own for about $15-$20!

1. Gather your supplies

-black fabric paint
-black PUFFY fabric paint dotter
-white shoes (I got these from Target for $14.99)
-a cup of water (to clean your brushes)

2. Prep.

-Unlace the shoe, it makes life 1235834% easier.
-squirt some of your paint into a toss away cup or paper plate. If you don't have one available, you can just use the paint cap! 

3. Paint the border of your shoe.

Use a thin brush to paint the border of the shoe and in the crevices.

4. Fill in the rest of the white using a thicker brush.

Repeat on the back of the shoe.

NOTE: Make sure to have a reference image handy. I preferred the entire back of the heel to be black, but it may differ depending on which style you like.

5. Dots.

Using the PUFFY paint blotter place the dots on the border of your shoe to represent the dimples. Using the reference image will help you figure out how far apart you should place them, but again, it's all preference.


6. Wait for the shoe to dry and relace. Done!


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DIY No Sew Cardigan From a Shrunken Sweater!

Have you ever shrunk your sweater in the dryer or perhaps it's just from a long time ago but you don't wanna toss it? Well, you don't have to!

This is a super fun, fast and simple DIY project to keep that sweater in your wardrobe.

What you'll need:



Hem tape


Hot glue

A piece of cardboard or something to put in the cardigan to prevent the hot glue from burning the material


Step One:

Get your sweater. Lay it out on a flat surface.


Step Two:

Find the middle of your sweater. You can use a ruler or piece of string to be precise! With your scissors, cut down the center. Plug your hot glue gun in so it warms up.


Step Three:

Fold the jagged edges in. Use the hem tape to keep them down. This way your cardigan has smooth flaps.


Step Four:

Get your buttons ready. Place the cardboard under your flap so that your hot glue doesn't get on the inside of your cardigan. Now, place your buttons on your cardigan. Use a marker of some sort to make sure that you get them where you want them. You don't even have to use many, it's all about personal preference. Hot glue the buttons to the cardigan. 


Lots of Buttons or one button!

You're done!


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