Country Artist of the Week: George Jones

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Birthday: September 12th, 1931
Years Active in the Military: 3 years, United States Marine Corps.
Hometown: Saratoga, Texas
Most Popular Album: I Am What I Am
Most Popular Song: "The Grand Tour"
Quote: "There's nothing prettier in the world than a melody. I can get lost in a song with a melody. A lot of times I have, and the song wasn't that good, but I would get lost in that melody, and I'd want to do the song."

Country Artist of the Week: Kris Kristofferson

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Birthday: June 22nd, 1936
Years Active in the Military: United States Army
Hometown: Brownsville, Tennessee
Most Popular Album: Kristofferson
Most Popular Song: "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
Quote: "If God made anything better than women, I think he kept it for himself."

Country Artist of the Week: Craig Morgan


Birthday: July 17th, 1964
Years Active in the Military: 10 years active and 7 years in the reserves, United States Army
Hometown: Kingston Springs, Tennessee
Most Popular Album: This Ole Boy
Most Popular Song: "Little Bit of Life"
Quote: "I think (redneck) used to be considered a derogatory term, but not anymore. Now it's considered more of a lifestyle than anything."

Country Artist of the Week: Jamey Johnson


Birthday: July 14th, 1975
Years of Service in the Military: 8 years, United States Marine Corps. 
Hometown: Enterprise, Alabama
Most Popular Album: That Lonesome Song
Most Popular Song: "In Color"
Quote: "I don't stand in anybody else's way of accomplishing their dreams, and I don't like people standing in my way, either. That seems like a hostile thing to do."

Snack Like A Southerner: Fourth of July Foods!

Open Face Fruit Flag Sandwiches
-Cream cheese
-Strawberry jelly

Patriotic Pretzels 
-Pretzel rods
-Dipping chocolate
-Assorted patriotic sprinkles

Firecracker Mini Cakes
-White cake mix
-Red and blue food coloring
-Sour cream
-Pop Rocks
-White frosting
-Black licorice

Fourth of July Meringue Cookies
-Egg whites

-Corn starch
-Red Jello mix
-Blue Jello mix
-Lemon extract

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Have a Happy 4th of July!