Blushing Belle: Southern Wedding Traditions

Have you checked out Redneck Couture's wedding line, Wedneck Couture, of Boot Bling? It's handmade, crafted in the US, and ships for free! The Boot Bling can be customized to match bridesmaid gowns as well! Well, while we're talking about weddings and such--here are some southern inspired wedding traditions!


Weddings in the south have some absolutely amazing and lovely traditions and trends. Here are a few!


Sweet Tea


Monogrammed Everything

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Burlap, Burlap and More Burlap

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Bridal Portraits

Mason Jars

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Silhouette Portraits







"Bury the Bourbon"
     This is a fun tradition done to insure that there is no rain on the blushing bride's special day. In the south, many weddings are held outside. So, exactly one month before the wedding, the bride buries a bottle of bourbon in the yard neck down. Then during the reception, they dig it up and drink it!

"Groom's Cakes"
     A Groom's Cake is a special creation by the bride. The Groom's Cake will express the groom's likes, hobbies or self in some way. Many of these cakes are very extensive and creative. 

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DIY Do's and Don'ts

Let's face it, you probably have a Pinterest board full of fun DIY projects that you want to tackle in 2017. Here are some important Do It Yourself Do's and Don'ts that you should know about before you take on any type of project: home improvement, gifts, wedding, etc.

DO: Research your project.

It always looks easier than it really is. Make sure you do the research your project requires. Know the in's and out's of the project from the project itself, to the space in which you are doing the project. Make sure you know everything you need to know before you get started, and that you have the resources you need just in case if you need more information in the middle of the project.

DON'T: Spend more money on a DIY hack than the original thing.

It is absolutely amazing how expensive Do It Yourself projects can be. Once you buy all of the supplies, and put all of the time into it, you could have just saved yourself a nice chunk of change and a headache if you had just bought the thing. For example, if you want to make a mason jar chandelier--it's going to cost you around $100 and you have to figure out the electrical work. Or you could drop $49.99 at for one that is already put together.

DO: Make mistakes in order to learn from them.

I can see how this is kind of counterintuitive, but it's important. Sometimes you need to screw up and do a "don't" in order to learn how to never do it again. When you make mistakes, learn from them. It's really the only way to get better at something.

DON'T: Take on a project that you're not qualified for.

There's a difference between making a mistake and using the wrong kind of glue, and electrocuting yourself because you decided to do the electrical in your DIY kitchen remodel instead of getting a professional to do it. There are parts of certain do it yourself projects that unfortunately, you cannot do yourself--so don't attempt to.

DO: Get all of the right measurements...twice.

If you're doing a fabric project, make sure you know EXACTLY what you need. Never cut fabric unless you have laid it over whatever it is you might be doing upholstery for, or if you know exactly what the measurements have to be. When you are cutting--it's always better to leave a little more on, than take too much off.

DON'T: Close the glue bottle until you know you are done with the glue.

Fun fact, when you screw the cap closed on a glue bottle, all of the glue gets sucked into the cap. This is what causes bottles to clog up. Keep the bottle open until you are sure you are done the project to prevent clogs!

DO: Cover an area to designate to paint.

Whether you are hand painting or spray painting, it's a good idea to have a designated spot for it. If you're covering the area in newspaper, be mindful to tape the paper down for it might blow away during a spray paint session, or use blue painter's tape.

DON'T: Keep a stencil on for too long.

When you are painting, don't forget to remove the stencil as soon as you are done--or else the stencil will get stuck to your project!

DO: Work with people on projects.

Find people that are also interested in DIY projects, or perhaps do a DIY project with a friend, family member or a significant other. Sometimes it can be not only fun to work with someone, but helpful.

DON'T: Panic.

People do DIY projects for plenty of reasons: being creative, financial restrictions, aesthetic, for fun, etc. However, no matter what your reason for doing it yourself, you shouldn't panic. Every project has its problems, but you will figure out how to make it a success. You have plenty of tools and resources available to you no matter what.

Holiday Hoedown Part 2: Themes and Decorations

Classic Holiday

Your good old fashioned holiday gathering with friends, family, food and fun. Keep it simple and sweet. Adorn the tree with lights and decorations, get some festive plates, put on a classic holiday playlist and enjoy each others' company until it's time to leave! 

Giant Holly

Snowman Place Setting

Paper Christmas Tree

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Plaid Party

Plaid and Flannel from fashion to decor to tablecloths! Bring a splash of country to your holiday party and theme it with plaid. Ask guests to wear their fanciest flannels and plaid attire and decorate your place with some snazzy stripes.

Plaid Tree

A Plaid Country Christmas

Plaid Reindeer

Ugly Sweater

Dawn your ugliest, comfiest holiday sweater and bring your pals over for a few beers and a wonderful time! Host an ugliest sweater contest, or even gather around to make your own ugly  sweaters!

10 Tips for Throwing an Ugly Sweater Party

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Ornament Party

Run to Michael's Crafts or your local Dollar Tree and pick up supplies to make the ultimate Christmas ornaments! Invite your friends over for crafts and cheer, make festive memories and more!

23 Homemade Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornaments

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Winter Wonderland

Whether the weather outside is frightful or it's very much delightful, turn your place into a winter wonderland to cozy up with your friends! Splashes of white, fake snow and hot cocoa are perfect to make your house merry and bright for your Winter Wonderland gathering.

Homemade Hot Chocolate 3 Ways

Cotton Ball Snow

Banister Sledding Penguins

Snowman Door

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Holiday Movie Marathon Guide


Types of Marathons:

“All By Myself”

This marathon is done with me, myself and I. Watch classic movies that bring you the most joy during the holiday season or spice it up by watching things that are completely new. This marathon is done on a schedule that abides by your schedule—bang it all out in a day, or make a countdown out of it.

“Significant Other”

Enjoying a cozy holiday movie with the special guy or gal in your life is a pretty sweet way to spend a snowy day. Watch your favorite holiday RomComs and snuggle close by the fire with your SO.

“Family Night”

Watch movies with the fam! Whether you have little tots of your own or you’re sitting down with the whole extended crew, pop in a few of classic family favorites like It’s a Wonderful Life or a Charlie Brown Christmas.

“Paling Around”

Gather a couple of your pals for a night of fun, film, food and wine!


Consider a theme for the movies you wish to watch and create “wish lists.”

  • Family
  • Classics
  • Animated
  • Feel Good
  • RomCom
  • Nostalgia
  • Advent
  • Random

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Keep Cozy Checklist:

  • Blankets
  • Slippers
  • Pillows
  • Air Mattress
  • Pajamas
  • Candles

Food and Drink:

Candy Canes
Christmas Cookies
Hot Chocolate
21 Boozy Drinks to Keep You Warm This Winter


DIY: Backyard Luau Favors

Step One:
Gather your supplies. (This can total vary depending on what you want to put in there and what your budget is like. These supplies in total would cost about $5 all together, but I bought a couple of things in bulk.)

-tiki hurricane cup
-mini lotion
-umbrella straw
-nail file
-lip balm
-lip gloss

Step Two:
Pack it in!

DIY: Ripped Tee To Keep Cool! Part 1

Step One:
Gather your supplies

Step Two:
Lay out your shirt. Cut a half circle around the base of the shirt.

Step Three:
Place a strip of tape across the top in order to create a line.

Step Four:
TEAR IT UP! This was hard and not very fun to do with a cruddy pair of scissors. If you have a box cutter, Xacto knife or a sharp pair laying around, you'll have a much better time. The idea here is to strip it and tatter the bottom half of it.

Keep Cool!

Show off your fashion skills and post a photo of your shirt! Don't forget to tag us.


DIY: Buttons on Canvas

Step One:
Gather your supplies.
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun
-Buttons of all shapes and sizes (color is all preference)

Step Two:
Sketch out your design before putting buttons down. I did this in Sharpie and immediately regretted it. Do it in pencil if you can!

Step Three:
Plug in your hot glue gun and put buttons down!

Post your canvas and tag us!

DIY: Mr. and Mrs. Gift Set

Step One:
Gather your supplies

I got all of this stuff at Dollar Tree! 

Step Two:
Doodle up a storm!

Step Three:
Bake in the oven at 350 for about fifteen minutes.


Don't forget to post a photo of your dish set and tag us! You could be featured on our social media! 

DIY: Lollipop Plants

Step One:
Gather your materials.

-plant pots
-styrofoam balls (that fit the pot)

Step Two:
Stick the lollipop sticks into the styrofoam ball until packed.


DIY Fabric Insert: Pants

Step One:
Gather your supplies-
-old pair of pants
-fabric (I used a $3.00 scarf from Target)
-iron on hem tape or web

Step Two:
Cut your pants and scarf.

Step Three:
Insert your snippets under the pants. Iron on with the hem tape/web.