DIY: Balloon Chandelier

Create this amazing and fun balloon chandelier for your next hoe down!


Step One:

Gather your materials:
-Helium tank
-4x6 photos
-5x7 cardstock
-Double sided tape or glue stick

Step Two:
Glue/stick your photos to the card stock.

Step Three:
Hole punch the card stock where you want the ribbon to hang.

Step Four:
Blow up balloons.

Step Five:
Attach length of ribbon to each photo.

Step Six:
Attach other end of the ribbon to a balloon.

Step Seven:
Release and enjoy!

DIY: Backyard Luau Favors

Step One:
Gather your supplies. (This can total vary depending on what you want to put in there and what your budget is like. These supplies in total would cost about $5 all together, but I bought a couple of things in bulk.)

-tiki hurricane cup
-mini lotion
-umbrella straw
-nail file
-lip balm
-lip gloss

Step Two:
Pack it in!

DIY: Ripped Tee To Keep Cool! Part 1

Step One:
Gather your supplies

Step Two:
Lay out your shirt. Cut a half circle around the base of the shirt.

Step Three:
Place a strip of tape across the top in order to create a line.

Step Four:
TEAR IT UP! This was hard and not very fun to do with a cruddy pair of scissors. If you have a box cutter, Xacto knife or a sharp pair laying around, you'll have a much better time. The idea here is to strip it and tatter the bottom half of it.

Keep Cool!

Show off your fashion skills and post a photo of your shirt! Don't forget to tag us.


DIY: Buttons on Canvas

Step One:
Gather your supplies.
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun
-Buttons of all shapes and sizes (color is all preference)

Step Two:
Sketch out your design before putting buttons down. I did this in Sharpie and immediately regretted it. Do it in pencil if you can!

Step Three:
Plug in your hot glue gun and put buttons down!

Post your canvas and tag us!