Interview With a Farm Girl: A True Fancy Redneck

This is Rose. She does it all. She owns, operates and runs a farm and business. She was kind enough to give us some insights on what it's like to run such an amazing operation.

Where are you from? What is your farm called?

"I’m from Wrightstown, NJ and my farm is Robson’s Farm"

What types of duties do you perform?

"Well, I own the business so I pretty much do it all! Planning, planting, picking, packing, delivery, basically anything that needs to be done to run the farm business."

What is your favorite part about working on a farm?

"I love the quiet and freshness at 5 AM.  I love being outside all day (rainy days included). I love watching a seed turn into a little green plant, that turns into something incredible like a gorgeous sunflower.  There are so many favorite parts."

What aspect do you dread?

"I don’t really dread any part of it. You have to look at certain tasks as “work is work.” Approach it with child like excitement paired with the mentality of a crossfit athlete and the quicker you get to it the more quickly it’s done."

Working on a farm is taxing and messy work. How do you feel about it? Do you think it's glamourous in its own way?

"Farm work is indeed taxing. However I have some pretty toned arms to show for it! It’s easy to feel like I’ve lost touch with being “girly” but then there I am in the field with peal earrings and cute little blue boots and I feel very “lady-like.” I think strength and drive are very glamorous and feminine."  

What "farm girl" stereotype do you wanna toss in the mud?

"I don’t have a huge crew working for me. I actually do the work. Sometimes people think I watch what’s going on from my pick up. Please, I love being in the field."  

Do you get a lot of hassle because you're a lady farm hand?

"I don’t really get hasseled because I work just as hard as the boys do.  I try to always start my day thinking about someone I know who I consider an incredibly hard worker. Then I think to myself, Ok, today I’m going to out work him."  

Would you consider yourself living a southern lifestyle?

"I lived in South Carolina for 5 and a half years. And my lifestyle was completely different. It’s much more country now. I think every corner of the country has the “country” lifestyle not just the south."

What country song would you consider to be the soundtrack to your life?

"Hmmm I can’t just choose one so I’ll give you 3.

  1. Working Man’s PhD by Aaron Tippin
  2. Dirt by Florida Georgia Line
  3. And this new one they’ve been playing on the highway on XM radio: America’s Sweetheart by Elle King. I love it!"

How are you spending your summer?

"I spend my summer working between 80 and 112 hours a week getting food and flowers to the people."

Are you ready for the fall?

"Yes! Fall is my favorite time on the farm. The weather is great and who doesn’t love pumpkins! Things slow down just a little so I really get a chance to enjoy what I’m most passionate about."

What is your definition of country?

"My mind first jumps to a place when you say country however on second thought I think it’s more of an idea. I mean please, I live in NJ! Not what most people think of when they think country! Country is living a full life that may seem simple to many but it’s actually very rich. Enjoying the outdoors. Seeing the stars, hearing the crickets through an open bedroom window…it’s crazy how much I missed those things when I lived in Chicago for a year. Country is comfort and home for me."