Q and A with TheGabbieShow!


So, needless to say, Gabrielle Hanna is a gorgeous and talented human being but I must remind everyone how she absolutely rocks the hell out of Redneck Couture's Indian Skull black tank. I mean, DAMN.


Gabbie Hanna, aka TheGabbieShow, is a successful young woman of Vine and YouTube fame. 


Vine is a popular app in which individuals can make six second videos about anything. Gabbie is one of the top Viners with over one million followers. Recently, she made the transition to YouTube and it was no surprise that she found an audience there as well, holding her own for more than six seconds.

Gabbie was kind enough to answer a few interview questions.

1. So, tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and all of that jazz?

"Well, I'm Gabrielle, I'm 23 (born February 7th, 1991), and I was born in a boring little nothing town outside of Pittsburgh."

2. What started you on Vine? If you could pick one of your early Vines, which one do you think is the one that skyrocketed you to the stars?  What is the most difficult part of being a celebrity?
"I started on Vine out of boredom and loneliness. I don't think that there was any single one vine that sky rocketed me, I've kinda always been on a steady climb from the beginning (I gained my first 10k in just one night!) As far as the most difficult part of being a "celebrity," I'll let you know if I ever become one!"
3. Why do you Vine? 
"I vine because it makes me happy, and because it makes others happy. I don't know many people who wake up every day absolutely loving their job! And the letters and emails I get from all my #SHOWSTOPPERS every day who are struggling with family problems, depression, anxiety, self-harm, illnesses, bullying... just hearing them say I put a smile on their face keeps me goin."
4. You recently moved to Los Angeles, why the move?
"I moved because it was the next step in growing. I make it a point that every time I get comfortable, I make myself uncomfortable. No comfort in the growth zone, no growth in the comfort zone! So one night I just packed my Buick and left the next morning with no plan. Thank goodness for that! I've never been happier."
5. You have grown close with another Viner, Jessi Smiles, how did you and Jessi first meet?
"We knew each other from vine, met at an NYC meet up, and have been friends ever since."
6. If you were to give a message to be remembered for, what would it be?
"Please just don't be afraid to be you. Bullies will always exist, at every age, in some form. No matter how successful you are, someone will call you a failure. No matter how beautiful you are, someone will call you ugly. No matter how hard you work on your body, someone will call you fat. What matters is so many other people, whether or not you know it, think you are amazing, beautiful, and a blessing to this earth. I know I do."
7. What is your style? You have such a range from comfy to glam. How do you shop and dress?
"I think my style is just "Gabbie". That 's why you see me in such a range. I have this theory. You can pull off whatever the hell you wanna pull off. I bet you any money that if you see something and say "I could never pull that off"... if someone saw you wear it they'd say the same thing! It's all about confidence."

Check out Gabbie on Vine, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @thegabbieshow for more comedy and couture!