DIY: 52 Reasons I Love You Valentine


Step One:
Gather Materials-
-Full deck of cards
-Hot glue, glue stick, adhesive
-Hole punch
-Binder rings
-Marker (or printer)
-Paper (or printer)

Step Two:
Hole punch your cards. Make sure all of the cards line up!

Step Three:
Measure your cards in order to measure the "stickers" for your 52 reasons booklet. For example, if your cards have a small square on them, measure it (say maybe 3inx2in) and then sketch out rectangles on a piece of paper. You can also make them on your computer and print them out.


Print out one of these templates.

Step Four:
Write your 52 reasons in your squares (either right on the paper with a marker, or typed onto the template) Here are some suggestions-
52 Reasons Why I Love You
52 Reasons I Love NAME
Physical features: Your eyes, cute butt, etc.
The way you kiss me
Your song: "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", "If My Heart Had Wings"
Location of your first date
An inside joke
Personality quirks: you like ketchup on your pancakes, your goofy laugh
Things you do together: Party Down South marathons, When we cook and don't burn the house down

Step Five:
Cut out your reasons and glue them onto your cards.

Step Six:
Put together your cards onto the rings.


Stuff To Get the Fancy Redneck On Your Nice List

1. Redneck Couture

Okay, so here's some self promotion, but seriously...we are the fanciest of fancy redneck apparel. Get a pair or two of Boot Bling, some rad tanks and tees or a cozy cardigan to keep you warm this holiday season! Redneck Couture is a small business that is designed, made and shipped from the US. Shipping is always free and satisfaction is guaranteed!

2._____ of the Month Club

Gift cards are an excellent gift to give to the person who is super difficult to shop for, but a subscription to a month club is a gift that keeps on giving and allows someone the opportunity to try new things that you know he or she will enjoy! 

Search for the Perfect Month Club

Craft Beer Club

Cheese of the Month Club

Variety of the Month Club

3. Concert Tickets

Give the gift of music and a rad time this holiday season and purchase tickets for the country music junkie in your life! Check out tour dates, purchase a couple of tickets and wrap them up with a CD from the artist.
Country Concerts 2016
Country Music Festivals 2016


4. DIY Gifts 

Create something cute, sweet, simple, fun, expensive, ridiculous or original! There are plenty of incredible DIY gifts to give this holiday season and are perfect for everyone on your list from significant others, family, friends, to neighbors and coworkers!
25 DIY Insanely Cute Projects That Will Fill You With Joy
28 DIY Candles That Will Help You Brave the Cold
DIY Homemade Gifts for Christmas
25 Favorite Neighbor Gift Ideas
Adult Hot Chocolate Kit
25 DIY Gifts You Can Make in Under an Hour
25 Gifts for Kids to Make This Christmas
50+ Inexpensive Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

5. Cash

Yes, it seems to be one of those "impersonal" gifts, but trust me anyone would be happy to open a big box of green this holiday season. 

6. Gift Cards

(pelicanweb) Okay, again this may seem impersonal, but at the same time it allows the grad to be in control of what he/she receives in the respect of what he/she needs. Gas? Clothes? School supplies? Groceries? Furniture? Try these fine places for gift cards!
Pier 1
Redneck Couture
Old Navy
Best Buy
Gas Cards
Bath and Body Works
Bed, Bath and BEYOND
hh Greg
AMC or Regal
Barnes & Noble
Home Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods

7. Streaming Subscription

Binge watching TV shows may be a New Years' resolution, so give the gift of entertainment with a Netflix, Amazon or Hulu subscription.

8. Chargers

Keep the techy redneck happy with chargers! 
>Portable chargers for the car
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>Wireless charger
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>Case charger
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9. Shotglasses, Drinkware and Boozy Accessories

Funny Flasks
Check out our other gift guides here, here, here, here and here for more ideas and suggestions! Have a happy holiday!

Spoiled Southern: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Sweet Southern Belle

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Edible Arrangements, $29.99-$99.00


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Redneck Couture Scarf, $22.00

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Have a happy Valentine's Day with your special someone.