10 Household Hacks

1. Keep your plugs organized and ready to go using binder clips attached to the edge of your desk.
Then, keep them organized by labeling them with bread clips. 

2. Want to have company over but the house smells a bit stuffy and you don't have time to go grab some Febreeze? Preheat the oven to 360. On a baking sheet, place a sheet of aluminum foil and spill some extract on it--vanilla, banana and coconut are the best. Place in the oven with the door cracked for about fifteen minutes. The house will smell like you're baking something sweet! Even just leaving a cap full of it in the kitchen in a small dish adds a bit of scent to a room.

3. Store your shopping bags in tissue boxes in order to make them easily accessible as well as tidy!

4. Use a wine box to sort your shoes, and hang your boots up using extra pants hangers.

5. Use a binder clip to stack bottles in your refrigerator for space saving.

6. Utilize all of your closet space with shower curtain rings. Go to Dollar Tree and pick up a pack. Attach the curtain rings to a hangar and fold straps of tank tops on them.

6. Making your bed every day will actually entice you to go to sleep.

7. Turn plush bathmats into pillows.

8. Microwaving your sponge will kill almost all of the bacteria growing on it. Not only will it keep it clean, but will make the sponge last longer!

9. You probably haven't thought about cleaning your washing machine, considering its function, but have you ever noticed that sometimes there's a distinct smell in there? Clean your machine with some hot water and bleach! If you have a face front washing machine, drench a couple of clean towels in bleach and fabric softener and turn on the machine to get it clean.

10. Cleaning your pillows will make them look, feel and smell like new! Click here to find out how. 

Summer Hacks

With summer coming right around the corner, keep these cool summer hacks in mind!

-Keep ice cream soft--and MUCH easier to scoop--by storing the container in a Ziploc baggie when you put it in the freezer.

-To prevent drips and a sticky mess while enjoying an ice cream cone or popsicle, use a cupcake liner/wrapper around the base of the cone or stick so it drips into there rather than all over you!

-Freeze aloe cubes using an ice cube tray. Trust me, your sunburn will thank you.

-Want natural highlights? Use a bit of fresh lemon juice! Easiest way would be to squeeze about 2-5 lemons into a bowl and then transfer the liquid into a spray bottle. Spray the juice onto your hair and then head out in the sun for a bit!

-Toothpaste works wonders on easing the itch of mosquito bites.

-Water bottles can double as ice packs. Whether you use a refillable water bottle or a plastic one, it's super simple and useful. Freeze the plastic water bottles and then stick them in your cooler to keep everything nice and chill. Want a double supply of cold water?Fill the bottle up about half way and then freeze it. When it comes time to head out, fill the other half up with cold water.

-DIY beach safe: use an empty lotion bottle or deodorant.

-Keep your phone in a plastic baggie during your outdoor adventures like to the beach or river. You can still use it and it won't get covered in sand or water!

-Use a fitted sheet at the beach. Place something heavy in each corner (duffle bags, coolers, stereo, small children, etc.) in order to keep up little walls to keep OUT sand.

-Arrange condiments in a muffin tin at BBQs, cook outs, parties or at the beach. Place a cupcake liner in each slot along with a condiment. Quick and no clean up!

-Tired of burning off your finger prints on your steering wheel when you get back in your car after a long day? Keep a towel or pillowcase available. When you get out, cover the steering wheel and dash!

-Baby powder removes sand almost instantly.

-Use a hanger to organize your shades.

-Homemade bug repellent that doesn't stink: limes and cloves.

-Make yogurt and fruit popsicles for a yummy, healthy and not so messy treat. Recipe here.

-You can make your own slip n slide with a tarp, dish soap and a hose! Please be careful though!

-Freeze fruit--such as berries, strawberries and grapes--to use as ice cubes that add flavor to beverages. Nice tip to use for wine!

-Earl Grey tea bags are a nice sunburn remedy.

-Make your own garbage can for your car for long road trips using a tupperware container from Dollar Tree!

-Use a can opener to open blister packages and save your hands from the stress and cuts.

-Wrap shoes in shower caps when packing them so they don't get other items dirty.

-Carry bobby pins in a Tic Tac container.

-Keep dryer sheets in travel bags to keep everything smelling fresh.

-Use a pill organizer to keep your jewelry.


Beauty Hacks!

1. Use white eye liner to make your eyes seem larger and more alert. Perfect for a photoshoot...or concealing your hangover.

2. Out of eyeliner? No biggie. Use a flat brush and mascara to do the trick.

3. A cosmetic sponge will make the perfect ombre nail. Simply apply the colors you want in lines across the sponge and dab.

4. Set lipstick with translucent powder.

5. Make your own "falsies" with baby powder. Dab a Qtip in some baby powder, and then run it over your lashes. Apply mascara and your lashes will be longer.

6. Placing a spoon against the corner of your eye will give you the perfect wing!

7. Wrap a rubber band around your nail to insure the perfect French manicure.

8. Elmer's Glue makes it easy to remove tough nail polish--such as glitter polish or stickers.

9. Flat iron your braids for the perfect hair crimp.

10. Kool-Aid can be used as a quick and easy lip stain.

11. Polish jewelry with Alka-Seltzer.

12. Use baby powder as dry shampoo. It gets out all of the grease and grime, as well as leaves your hair smelling lovely! If you're a brunette, add a bit of cocoa powder to the mix. Red head? Cinnamon.

13. To make your perfume last longer, apply Vaseline to your skin.

14. Baby oil makes for an excellent and effective makeup remover.

15. Make your hair seem thicker by applying a layer of eye shadow down your part.

16. Tee shirts make for a better hair drying method than towels. They're more absorbent.

17. Apply Vaseline around your nails before painting them. That way, any excess polish can be wiped off with ease.

18. Use a flat iron to iron shirt collars.

19. Shaving cream removes makeup stains from clothes in a flash.

20. White wine removes red wine. You're welcome.

21. To prop up your ponytail, insert two bobby pins vertically into the hair band.

22. Soak your nails in ice water to make them dry faster.

23. Use cold green tea bags to decrease eye puffiness.

24. A dab of Visine will decrease the redness of any pimple.

25. Smile more :D