Pumpkin Spice Krispie Treats

A fall twist on a classic and yummy treat! This is really simple to make and is for anyone to enjoy.

Step One:
Gather your ingredients--

-12 cups Rice Krispies
-6tbsp butter
-2 8oz. bags Pumpkin Spice marshmallows
-Brown sugar
-Ground Cloves
-Powdered sugar

Step Two:
In a large pot combine butter and marshmallows.

Step Three:
Add brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Now, this I did by eye. You can add as much or as little as you like depending on how strong you want the "pumpkin pie" taste to be. Be careful with the sugar, it will make things VERY sticky. Stir.

Step Three:
Add Rice Krispies and stir. Your arm will get tired and you'll get pretty frustrated, but you'll be fine.

Step Four:
Spoon out contents from pot into a foil cake sheet--I like using these because they are disposable and they give the treats a nice shape/depth.

Step Five:
Place treats in freezer to set. While you're waiting for that, make a glaze to put on top. Powdered sugar, butter, a bit of brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon. Microwave the butter until almost liquid, add sugars and cinnamon and whisk together.

Step Six:
Remove treats from fridge and drizzle glaze over top. Place back into the freezer until a half hour until you're about to serve them. The treats will need some time to thaw so you can cut into squares.

Halloween Gift Bags Perfect For Anyone

Create these fun "Halloween Survival Bags" for everyone from trick-or-treaters to your boss.

Step One:
Gather your supplies-

Step Two:
Stuff! Stuff big bags or little bags. Come up with some kind of system like 5 pieces of candy, 2 rats, 5 spiders, a set of teeth, etc.

Halloween Hoedown Part 3: The Party

Now that you have your costume and your good eats and drinks, it's time for the party! Here are some best tips, tricks, DIY ideas and more to make it a SCARY good night.

1. Pick a theme

Setting a theme for a Halloween can be fun. It can be as simple as "come in costume" or as complicated as "costume from 1948 England". Selecting a theme may also help in figuring out what kind of decorations, food, drink and more that you may need.

2. Decorations

Halloween and Christmas are the top decoration holidays of the year. There are about a million different Halloween decorations you could break out whether you buy them at Target or you make them yourself! 

Monster Mason Jars

Check out Target for fun decorations too.

3. Games!
Plan some fun games and challenges to keep things interesting and lively. You can do anything from a costume contest, pin the bone on the skeleton, truth or dare, a piñata, a spider toss and more!


4. Music
Music is super important because even if it's scary, it's still a party. Create a fun playlist with classics such as "The Monster Mash" and "Thriller."

Best Halloween Songs for Spooky Celebrations and Parties
101 Songs for Your Halloween Party
The Top Ten Halloween Songs

5. Have fun