Justice Rescue "Heroic UnderDOGS"

 By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvryThing



“It’s not about the toes we step on. It’s about the paws we protect.” Wow. This quote comes directly from the Justice Rescue homepage on their website www.justice-rescue.com. Justice Rescue is a non profit organization that saves animals from being abused as well as spreads awareness about animal violence and how to make sure every pet has a home. These fine citizens or “dog warriors” speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves—animals.

The dog warriors are Wolf, Crash, House and Kidd. These men are dedicated to their cause. To anyone, they seem like menaces: burly, tattooed, ornery, draped in leather and riding their motorcycles on Sundays—however, appearances are not what they seem. Yes, these gentlemen are not to be trifled with, but they have hearts as powerful as their engines. In their spare time a few years ago, these men would scour “bad areas” searching through abandoned houses—more often than not containing wasps nests, rats, snakes, poison ivy and questionable characters—for animals in need of rescue.

"When you feel there's nothing left in the world, with nothing left to be here for, having a dog can save your life," says Wolf, who speaks for Justice Rescue. "Dogs are really why we're still here." (Nark 2012)

Redneck Couture, all dog owners and lovers, contribute to this amazing cause and organization. Institutions such as these could not exist without the saints (like Crash and Wolf) but also without the funding and support from the communities they are trying to help. We are a proud sponsor of Justice Rescue. Justice Rescue saves these animals from cruel, neglectful homes and provides them with a foster system and care that these creatures desperately need. Please check out their website to donate, volunteer, learn more or adopt!


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