For the Fancy Redneck On Your Nice List 2016

The holidays are quickly approaching. That means lots go shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, and making phone calls to relatives that you forgot you had. It's still a spectacular time to be had by all. 

Here's a simple gift guide to help you this season to buy for the fancy redneck in your life!

Gift Cards

Purchasing a Gift Card for someone can often times be misunderstood as impersonal, but let's be honest, Gift Cards are awesome for both the giver and the receiver. Gift Cards allow for people to buy someone a gift they will actually like via proxy.


Yeah, this one is super impersonal, but seriously, for the college student you know, he/she will rejoice at having some extra spending money.


Redneck Couture

Shameless plug, but Redneck Couture has quality apparel and jewelry for the fancy redneck in you. We have released three new Boot Bling designs this year, and we have twenty different tassel color options--perfect for special occasions, bridesmaids, or matching school colors.


Seriously. This site has everything. Amazon comes equipped with really useful suggestions, recommendations and deals as well. If you know your friend works out a lot, get them a water bottle that can also be a wallet. Does your mom love the idea of making spaghetti out of a zucchini? Boom get her a Veggetti machine that can literally turn any vegetable into delicious "pasta."

Veggetti Pro

Kangaroo Bottle


If you're looking for cute, quirky, and crafty items for someone special, Etsy is the place to check out.

Money Soap


Buzzfeed and Pinterest are great aggregators for Gift Lists. They have categories and lists for every single person on your list. Don't be afraid to give them a scroll.


KEEP IT SIMPLE. More often than not, simple and useful gifts are pretty spectacular ones. If you feel that you don't know someone enough, or that someone has everything, you can probably just do something simple.


Timing is everything. Shop on weekdays. This way stores aren't as zany and crowded. If you find yourself shopping on the weekend, go really early in the morning.


I'm a really big Dollar Tree supporter. Go there. You can find everything you need to wrap this year: really cute wrapping paper, boxes, gift bags, gift tags, tissue paper, tape, scissors, etc.


BUDGET! Come up with a "Nice List" of people that you plan on buying for this year. Then, come up with a budget. How much can you afford to spend on gifts this year? Then divide it up amongst the people on your list.



Buy cards! If you aren't doing gifts this year, and even if you are, get cards for the special people in your life. Everyone likes a card, and it will make them feel like you were thinking of them.


Free shipping is the best kind of shipping. Shop at websites like Redneck Couture, Mod Cloth, Amazon, Apple and even Target. Some websites require minimum purchase amounts to qualify for free shipping (like Apple), but more often than not, you're already going to be spending that minimum anyway. Also, stores like Walmart and Target allow for you to pick the items up in stores--so you don't have to pay for shipping.


Organize your gifts. I'm the type of person that keeps her life in Excel sheets. Be organized when it comes to your shopping, because it will keep you on budget and on time. Make sure you know how much you're spending, where you're spending it, and what/who you are spending it on.


Keep every receipt. Again, I do this for everything in general, but for the holidays I keep an envelope of receipts from my holiday shopping. This allows you to figure out when and where you bought stuff, and makes returns simpler. 


Get gift receipts and put them in the boxes. This is especially true if you purchase clothing for someone.


If the person has never mentioned it, he/she probably doesn't want it or need it.


Make gifts! Don't spend more money on DIY projects than you would on the actual purchased item, but sometimes it's fun to make a gift with a personal touch. Pinterest has an endless amount of ideas.

Holiday Hacks: Black Friday Shopping!

The most wonderful time of the year can be pretty stressful. Here are some helpful hacks, tips and strategies to keep you on track during your Black Friday shopping.


1. Do your research

Who are you shopping for? What do you need to get? Which stores have the best deals? Can you just get it online? Do you have access to coupons? Have you checked the stores' websites? RetailMeNot? Does the store price match? Check out these apps for the best deals on Black Friday, or for the rest of your holiday shopping.
The 10 Best Shopping Apps to Compare Prices
Black Friday 2015-Best Deals (Google Play)
Black Friday 2015 Ads App (Apple)
20 Mobile Apps for Shopping Discounts and Deals 

2. Gameplan

Now that you have your research completed you can come up with a plan of action. Schedule which stores you want to hit. Pace yourself! Come up with a time table, budget, shopping list, etc. Keeping on track will alleviate some aggravation and also keep you from buying things just because they are there. 

3. Price Matching

Price matching is your friend. In your research figure out where does price matching. This will save you plenty of dough, but be careful for tensions may be high.

4. Online Deals on Black Friday

Cyber Monday is no longer sacred for online deals. Amazon has been running Black Friday sales for almost a week now. Redneck Couture is having an awesome Black Friday sale (with every cardigan order you get a FREE tshirt). Find if any of the stores you want to shop at are having deals online as well.

5. Lay Away

Put some items on lay away. This allows you to get more shopping done without breaking the bank.

6. Shop in Packs

Every year you hear horror stories from Black Friday. It's safer, easier and probably more fun to shop with a buddy or three. Not only does this decrease the chances of injury and losing your wallet, but you can assign jobs so the shopping gets done faster. It's always good to have a buddy to wait in line while you shop!

7. Keep Healthy

If you want to make shopping an all day event, make sure to pack snacks and drinks. Stopping to buy food might throw you off your game or get you tired real fast.

8. Pace Yourself

Pace yourself with the physical shopping, don't over exert yourself--you have plenty of time. Pace yourself with your budget as well. Don't spend too much money on Black Friday that you could struggle on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season.

9. Make a weekend out of it.

Many stores now have Black Friday as entire weekend event. This allows you plenty of time to get everything done. Pace yourself. Pace yourself. Pace yourself.

10. Can you find it online?

If you can, buy it online. 



Holiday Shopping Guide for the Cowboy

By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvrything


Struggling to find the perfect gift for the southern gentleman in your life or perhaps even for yourself? Look no further! Here is a list of possible gift ideas for the fancy Redneck on your nice list.


First, let’s start off with some shameless self-promotion.


Redneck Couture has such an excellent selection of gifts for him. We’re made here in the US and shipping is fast and FREE.

Come on, how could anyone not love these?


Our tees and tanks for guys are stylish, unique, and comfortable.


Here are some other nifty holiday items for your cowboy:






Whiskey and Rum Making Kit



Whiskey Stones



Shot Glasses



Redneck Party Bucket










Steak Branding Iron



BBQ and Grilling Cookbook


Holiday Shopping Guide For The Cowgirl


By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvrything


Struggling to find the perfect gift for the cowgirl in your life or perhaps even for yourself? Look no further! Here is a list of possible gift ideas for the fancy Redneck on your nice list.


First, let’s start off with some shameless self-promotion.


Redneck Couture has such an excellent selection of gifts from tees to scarves to Bling. We’re made here in the US and shipping is fast and FREE.

Come on, how could anyone not love these?


Also Try These Other Great Gifts!



Twist Scarves

A super nifty hair accessory perfect for any gal! You can purchase them online, find them in store or simply make one yourself out of a bandana.





Redneck Girl Wine Glass or Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

A good novelty gift rarely goes wrong. These are not only super fun, but practical. The Redneck Girl glass is sold exclusively online but the Red Solo Cup Wine glasses can be found also at Boscov’s!



( (




Hell Yeah Necklace

For a girl with attitude! Novelty necklaces that say something not only literally but about a gal’s personality is always super fun and personal. She’ll know you put a lot of thought into the gift and she’ll look fabulous.





Boot Necklace

Pendant necklaces are also incredibly cute. Whether you’re shopping online, at KAY or making your own your pendant is going to be the centerpiece. The pendant should reflect some personality and be comfortable to wear. This particular necklace happens to match a few of our Boot Bling pieces!





Bottle Opener

This bottle opener has an adorable message inscribed on it. Personalized gifts are always a plus. These make a great stocking stuffer.




Hand Cream

Ladies love their lotions, creams and good smelly things. Bath and Body Works, Ulta as well as several stores online sell a wide variety of hand creams, handmade fancy soaps and more.


(           Body Scrub(


Bubble Bath

Again, good smelly things! Give a gift of pampering this holiday season.





High Fashion Cowgirl Boots


There are plenty of great places to buy boots from Marshall’s to Boscov’s to DSW to numerous places online. Make sure to check out our articles “Boots Do’s and Don’ts” as well as “Finding Your Perfect Boot” to figure out how to pick out the perfect gift!





Other great gifts for her:

            Photo album complete with photos of memories, Blu Ray of her favorite movie, a Netflix subscription, concert tickets, cookbooks, jewelry, jeans, leggings and more!


Don’t forget. Take some pics of the Redneck Couture you’re wrapping up for this holiday and hashtag us! We would love to feature you on our website.


Have a happy holiday!


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