Interview With a Farm Girl: A True Fancy Redneck

This is Rose. She does it all. She owns, operates and runs a farm and business. She was kind enough to give us some insights on what it's like to run such an amazing operation.

Where are you from? What is your farm called?

"I’m from Wrightstown, NJ and my farm is Robson’s Farm"

What types of duties do you perform?

"Well, I own the business so I pretty much do it all! Planning, planting, picking, packing, delivery, basically anything that needs to be done to run the farm business."

What is your favorite part about working on a farm?

"I love the quiet and freshness at 5 AM.  I love being outside all day (rainy days included). I love watching a seed turn into a little green plant, that turns into something incredible like a gorgeous sunflower.  There are so many favorite parts."

What aspect do you dread?

"I don’t really dread any part of it. You have to look at certain tasks as “work is work.” Approach it with child like excitement paired with the mentality of a crossfit athlete and the quicker you get to it the more quickly it’s done."

Working on a farm is taxing and messy work. How do you feel about it? Do you think it's glamourous in its own way?

"Farm work is indeed taxing. However I have some pretty toned arms to show for it! It’s easy to feel like I’ve lost touch with being “girly” but then there I am in the field with peal earrings and cute little blue boots and I feel very “lady-like.” I think strength and drive are very glamorous and feminine."  

What "farm girl" stereotype do you wanna toss in the mud?

"I don’t have a huge crew working for me. I actually do the work. Sometimes people think I watch what’s going on from my pick up. Please, I love being in the field."  

Do you get a lot of hassle because you're a lady farm hand?

"I don’t really get hasseled because I work just as hard as the boys do.  I try to always start my day thinking about someone I know who I consider an incredibly hard worker. Then I think to myself, Ok, today I’m going to out work him."  

Would you consider yourself living a southern lifestyle?

"I lived in South Carolina for 5 and a half years. And my lifestyle was completely different. It’s much more country now. I think every corner of the country has the “country” lifestyle not just the south."

What country song would you consider to be the soundtrack to your life?

"Hmmm I can’t just choose one so I’ll give you 3.

  1. Working Man’s PhD by Aaron Tippin
  2. Dirt by Florida Georgia Line
  3. And this new one they’ve been playing on the highway on XM radio: America’s Sweetheart by Elle King. I love it!"

How are you spending your summer?

"I spend my summer working between 80 and 112 hours a week getting food and flowers to the people."

Are you ready for the fall?

"Yes! Fall is my favorite time on the farm. The weather is great and who doesn’t love pumpkins! Things slow down just a little so I really get a chance to enjoy what I’m most passionate about."

What is your definition of country?

"My mind first jumps to a place when you say country however on second thought I think it’s more of an idea. I mean please, I live in NJ! Not what most people think of when they think country! Country is living a full life that may seem simple to many but it’s actually very rich. Enjoying the outdoors. Seeing the stars, hearing the crickets through an open bedroom window…it’s crazy how much I missed those things when I lived in Chicago for a year. Country is comfort and home for me."

Interview with Redneck Don

1. Who is "Redneck Don"? What inspired the "character?" Where are you from?

"Who is "Redneck Don"? Redneck Don is me just a little bit more amplified. Just like me, He loves animals, he loves beer, he loves America, he loves to make people laugh and think, and good country music. He's like a beer drinking camouflage wearing redneck Captain America! He's able to say the things that I Think other people would like to say but for whatever reason don't so that's why I think Folks can relate to him. I'm from Macon, Georgia and I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest"


2. When did you start using social media? How did it feel to get pretty major?

"I've used social media off and on for quite a while. At the animal shelter I work at, I am the mediaman and handle all social media accounts. Since coming up with the character, I'm on it a lot more now. The more people like what I'm doing the more I'm on their. I Tell the folks all the time as long as I'm getting a laugh or get one person to think I'll keep doing what I'm doing, once that stops I stop. [As for being major] I don't know I don't consider myself pretty major I'm just having fun doing my thing."


3. What is "Howling with Don" on the Angel Mary & Tennessee Werewolves?

""AMTWs Howling With Redneck Don" is a weekly video I do for Angel Mary in the Tennessee werewolves. It's a little bit of redneck/country wisdom some history on me some life occurrences and the way Redneck Don sees things. Toss in some cold beer and some laughs and you got howling with Redneck Don."

Check out his videos here: Howling With Redneck Don

4. Do you perform in real life as well in any capacity? (stand up comedy, acting, modeling, etc.)

"I used to perform a lot a lot of open mics and MC type things. Now my performance is just my daily life I make folks laugh at the animal shelter or at Walmart or at the beer store. The long-term goal with Angel Mary and the Tennessee werewolves is to open up for them and do shows with them. They saw something in me and have encouraged it, and are promoting me too."


5. What kind of music do your listen to? Who are your favorite artists?

"I love country music and southern rock. I'm a traditional country music fan I love Waylon Jennings,Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard,Moe Bandy Joe Stampley, Hank Sr, CW McCall etc. some of the newer artist I enjoy listening to are Justin Moore, Jamey Johnson, Eric Church, Ryan Bingham, Hank Williams the third, and Toby Keith."

6. What is your definition of "comfortable?" Redneck Couture is a brand that wants to be both fashionable and comfy. IE you can look fabulous and go for a roll in the mud.

"Comfort to me is something that makes you walk like Clint Eastwood or feel as big as John Wayne. Comfort is individual, some folks are comfortable in suits and ties not me!! Give me a pair of broken bluejeans or pair overalls sleeveless T-shirt or camouflage anything and I've got my Clint Eastwood on!"


7. A lot of your videos are not only very funny, but they're pretty inspiration in their own ways (whether it inspires a laugh to get through the day or a call to action). What is your favorite bit of advice you have received?

"My favorite bit of advice comes from my grandpa he always said "sweep your own porch first then worry about others" I think the world of be a lot better off if folks swept their own porch."

8. What is the ultimate piece of advice that you have given?

"The best advice I think I've ever given is how I close out all of my Howling with Redneck Don episodes and my live broadcasts "be kind to women be kind to children be kind to the elderly and be kind to animals y'all because that is the right thing to do.""

"I truly love making people laugh and making a difference that's why I work full-time in animal rescue and I'm such an advocate for animals. I Like to be that non-stereo typical redneck.folks look at rednecks and think they're ignorant they're racist or chauvinistic, have no respect for animals. And I just like to show that you can't judge a book by its cover. I mean hell I drive a big jacked up truck with The rebel flag flying off the back antlers on the headache rack and there's usually always a Chihuahua in my front seat next my pitbull! I just love blowing people's minds like that!"


Thank you so much, Redneck Don, for these awesome insights.

Be sure to check out Redneck Don on IG, Twitter, Vine and YouTube!

Behind The Brand: Interview with Founder Katrina

Katrina Bonetsky is the founder and CEO of the brand Redneck Couture. She was born April 10th, 1986 in Philipsburg, NJ. She lives in a beautiful home in Claymont, DE with her boyfriend, Rob, and pack of lovable dogs: Johnnie, Jackson and Julep--which she has trained to jump through hula hoops! In her spare time, she enjoys going to the shooting range (she's a pretty great shot too!) as well as doing flips and tricks of her own; for she is a talented gymnast. 

Katrina not only has a mind for style and business but she is also quite brilliant in science and arithmetic. She graduated from Rider University with degrees in biology and math. Katrina is a renaissance lady. She not only has built this company from the ground up, but she also has her hand in managing a few other startup companies at the moment as well. Besides the whole breathing life into this brand, Katrina also designs all of the clothing, manages the social media accounts as well as organizes, attends and runs all of the events that Redneck Couture vends at. She is quite a busy woman, but she made time to answer a few questions for us!

Q: Why did you decide to start a fashion brand?

A: I thought that there was a need for a higher end country inspired brand of clothing.   I designed Boot Bling thinking it was a one of a kind idea to find that there were a few other people who made it but I thought our designs were a bit fancier and it was something I thought that any girl with cowboy boots should have.


Q: What inspired Redneck Couture?

A: When the idea of Redneck Couture popped into my head, I thought it was a great name because it is an oxymoron, its funny yet completely descriptive of our brand.


Q: What is your favorite part about this brand? (The events, online sales, the clothes, etc.)

A: I really enjoy being apart of the design aspect of the clothing and the Boot Bling. I love picking the fabrics, images, and pieces that we use to produce all of our items.   Going to the events is really fun, we get opportunity to go to country concerts and other events, seeing the artists and meeting the people attending the events is really inspiring. People love the name Redneck Couture and are really excited about the product, it is great to hear their feedback in person.


Q: What are your plans for making the brand even bigger and better? Can we have some hints?

A: Developing new products is my biggest focus right now, after that we really want to get our brand known nation wide and we are focusing on spreading outside of the tri-state region.


Q: Do you design the clothes?

A: Yes, all the images used are hand picked and we are working on some new products that we produced starting with just a sketch.


Q: What is the most stressful part about your job?

A: Balancing the areas of the business. There is a lot to think about everyday, the orders, social media, customer service, developing new products, marketing, what to do next.


Q: What are your goals for the summer of 2015?

A: To get our product to as many areas as we can. We are currently developing strategies to get more recognition in the south.


Q: What does the term “fancy redneck” mean to you?

A: Haha, I think that redneck is usually used as a derogatory term but actual “rednecks” take pride in being called a redneck. There is nothing wrong with it, it is a way of life and everyone can be a little redneck, whether you are a true down and dirty cowgirl working on the ranch, you live in the beautiful countryside of the USA, or you just drive a truck, listen to country music, and enjoy a good bon fire… and just because your boots are dirty and doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be fancy! Put a little bling on your boot or belt buckle and you are a fancy redneck.


We are so excited for what's in store for Redneck Couture for 2015. Thanks again, Katrina!

Q and A with Audra McLaughlin!

By Lexx Fusco @SimplyEvryThing


I recently contacted former Voice contestant and rising country star Audra McLaughlin to see if she would want to answer some questions for an interview. She responded so positively to the idea and provided really interesting insights.


  1. What's your style when it comes to fashion? Does it vary based on when you're just hanging out or on stage?


“I absolutely love clothes and shopping, it is definitely a weakness on mine that many women have in common! Depending on what I am doing and where I am hanging out at, it can vary. I love to be comfortable in a cute casual shirt paired with leggings, jeans, and combat boots or maybe some high flat boots!  I also love working out at the gym so I love wearing fitness gear and running shoes. When it is time to perform I love to get dressed up! I would say my style on stage is more cool-edgy, rock, and country mix (black leather pants, skinny jeans, and of course, cute heels).”


  1. Do you write your own music?

“Yes, I write my own music but I also co-write and collaborate with other writers and musicians.”


  1. How do you get inspired?

“I get inspired all different ways. I get ideas from watching TV, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and traveling.  Sometimes Ideas just pop into my head out of nowhere and I quickly write them down on whatever I have with me. Most of my inspiration comes when I am playing my guitar, a melody will pop into my head and I just go with it.”


  1. What's your debut album going to be like?

“My debut album is going to be a country album with a mix of fun up-tempo songs, inspirational songs, and a few contemporary ballads with more of a classic sound.”


  1. Do you have a title yet?

“No I do not have a title yet.”


  1. What’s your plan for 2015?

“My plan for 2015 is to start doing show-cases, presenting my demo to major labels, and continuing to play shows and write songs.”


  1. You were bullied in high school. Do you have a message out there for students and individuals facing the same issues?

“Yes, please don’t give up as it will get better, find something that you love and focus your full attention on it. Remember that someone loves you and that you are beautiful no matter what. Continue to always be kind to people and never stop doing nice things for others; trust me it will pay off in the end. Growing up I loved music and singing so I focused my attention on that to cope with my emotions.”



  1. If you could go on an ideal tour, where would your first show be and who would you want to open up for?

“My first show would be at the Grand Ole Opry!!  I would love to open up for any country artist, it would be an honor but If had to pick I would love to open up for  Keith Urban, David Nail or even Brad Paisley.”


  1. What's your favorite country song?

“Wow, this is such a hard question to answer because I love new & old country, BUT If I had to choose one song that I always catch myself singing it would be “Somewhere in my car" by Keith Urban.”


  1. What's your favorite song that you have written and why?

“I am really excited about the new material I have written but if I had to choose one song it would be "Toast to the Sunrise". I love this song because it's one of those “fun-summer songs” about being up all night with the people you love or with that special someone and just having a good time and not wanting the night to end. I think we all have those nights where we want them to last forever.”


  1. What artist influence you?

“I grew up listening to all different artists/genres and always fell in love with singers who had big voices. I loved singing along to Martina McBride, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Lee Ann Rimes.”


  1. How do you define a role model?

“My definition of a role model is to try and be the best person you can be. I thank my parents for being the most amazing role models growing up, they always believed in me and they taught me to always be kind to others and to help people out along the way. They were always there for me when I needed them, and they always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I am not sure what I would have done without them.”


Audra is currently recording her album in Nashville, TN with her vocal coach and manager, Melissa Daley. Audra posted recently on Instagram, “So excited about this year. 2015 wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for all of my amazing family and fans who have believed in me.”


Audra is an example of how no matter what life throws at you, as long as you embrace your passion and believe in it, you can make it happen. It is a cliché for sure, but it is a cliché that can be attained by anyone if they work at it hard enough.


We are looking forward to hearing all of Audra’s new music and hope to see you at her shows!