Types of "Season" People

This isn't like a Buzzfeed quiz where I provide you with a bunch of questions and pictures to click on and then at the end you get the opposite of what you thought you were going to get, but you'll take it anyway.

1. Fall Person

Likes: Pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween, spooky stuff, costumes, fake blood, "sweater weather", raking leaves, bonfires, football, harvest season, lattes, school starting

Dislikes: Raking leaves, humidity, people who skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas, "I miss summer!" Facebook posts

Wardrobe: flannels, beanies, boots, scarves, cardigans, t-shirts, leggings

Notes: Fall people and Spring people normally get along wonderfully for they are mild versions of Winter and Summer people. Fall is nature's last hurrah, before the kiss of death of winter. Fall people revel in the warm colors, chilled nights, and constant smells of cinnamon and pumpkin.

2. Winter Person

Likes: Christmas, snow, cold weather, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, being cozy, Christmas music, decorations, Christmas presents, shopping, candles, cookies and other sweets, sledding, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day

Dislikes: warm weather, summer, being sticky, sweating, the sun

Wardrobe: hoodies, sweatpants, lots of red and black, wool, flannel, hats, sweaters--so many sweaters

Notes: The holiday season is a big deal, being cold is never a problem, makes for the best cuddle buddies

3. Spring Person

Likes: pastel colors, rain, candy, baby animals, wild parties, cleaning, exercise

Dislikes: extreme temperatures, summer people and winter people's constant complaining, allergies

Wardrobe: t-shirts, capris, ankle boots, flats, light cardigans, skirts

Notes: Spring people are a breath of fresh air. They are organized, detail oriented, and peaceful.

4. Summer Person

Likes: sunshine, the beach, tanning, swimsuits, ice cream, parties, fruity flavored drinks, mason jars, denim

Dislikes: being cold, tan lines, sunburn, warm beer, other seasons, school

Wardrobe: tank tops, bathing suits, shorts, sundresses

Notes: "I live for the summer!" is probably something that is often said, chill and not at the same time, ultimate hosts for parties and gatherings, has great taste in food


October 03, 2017 by Lexx Fusco
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